Apple groves. (at Mercier Orchards)

Apple groves. (at Mercier Orchards)

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All of my Fruit Gushers were red! Should I also play the lotto!?

All of my Fruit Gushers were red! Should I also play the lotto!?

Why am I just now learning about Latasha Lee?

I am ready to move on. I know what I am capable of achieving, and I certainly know I deserved more. I know I have the ability to love, to be committed, to be honest, to forgive, and I know there is an amazing future before me. We have to leave some things in the past… sometimes that’s a combination of people we cared deeply for as well as our old selves.

If the future asked me, “what are you bringing with you Keaton?”…. Id have to say, “a loving heart, a smile on my face, and hope in my mind.”

Trying to attract a mate and all it got was me. 😊

"I like to see people reunited, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can’t tell fast enough, the ears that aren’t big enough, the eyes that can’t take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone."

— Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)

"Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy. You are crazy. You have that kind of intoxicating insanity that lets other people dream outside of the lines and become who they’re destined to be."

— Jennifer Elisabeth, Introduction to the Born Ready book (via quotes-shape-us)